Do you think this is about a virus? Take a closer look!

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If people cannot see what is going on after three failed coup attempts then they are either blind, or simply refusing to face the truth. If you think this is simply a political struggle between democrats and republicans then you really need to take a closer look. If you think this is all about a virus then you really need to take a closer look.

The same crowd that has illegally attempted to remove a sitting president is now continuing to perpetuate this pandemic in the hopes that this will help them regain control.

Trump is not the target!

Please know that President Trump is in their way but he is not the target… the target is us. It is our country, the United States of America that stands in their way. We are their enemy.

Ephesians 6:12, NIV: “For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms.”

There is a very sinister and dark evil trying to take our country down. We are in a silent war against an “Invisible Enemy” that is running an insurgency against our country. The United States, combined with the power of the Church, is the only thing that prevents this evil from ushering in the one world government.

The ruling elite, the cabal, the Illuminati, the deep state, whatever you want to call them, has funded both sides of every major conflict since Napoleon. Sadly this is not theoretical, nor conjecture, or some wild conspiracy theory, they don’t even try to hide their intentions, or their existence anymore. Their objective is to usher in the one world government and we are the only thing in their way.

They have been planning the collapse of this country for decades. Up until today it didn’t matter which political party was in power. They could all be bought, and they were.

I know it is a hard truth to swallow, it was for me. As the son of a union man I grew up believing the Democratic Party was sticking up for the working man, perhaps at one time they were, but sadly the Democratic Party of JFK died with him. Of course, there have been some great leaders since JFK, on both sides of the fence, but they have been overwhelmingly outnumbered. The “Deep State” is very real and they are entrenched in every level of government, worldwide. JFK was murdered because he wanted to stop the agenda of this group… this same group “the hidden enemy” that is still trying to bring down our country today. JFK had no idea how powerful they had already become.

In my younger years, after a short tour in the Marine Corp, I was a die-hard left wing political activist… deeply involved in the environmental movement. I spent many years as a community organizer fighting the “rich elite” whom I was led to believe was the enemy. I helped put many Democrats and Progressives in office. Power to the people! That was my motto.

I discovered, that while there were many good people involved, who had the best of intentions at heart, underneath it was a big lie… a cover for their true intentions. During my years of involvement with the environmental movement I reach a level high enough to learn that the higher echelons of power in the environmental movement are all part of this effort to usher in the one world government.

One day, while canvassing a neighborhood collecting petition signatures, I had a life changing encounter with the Creator of this universe that I will never forget. When God found me that day He filled me and enveloped me with His presence in such a way no one will ever convince me that He is not real. That day the lights came on for me as He revealed Himself and His incredible love to me. I knew, in a moment, how real God is… it was a powerful experience that completely changed my life. I can honestly tell you that knowing Him is absolutely the most important reason we are alive. If you don’t “know Him” then choosing Him will change your life, and he will rescue you from the snare of the devil, like He did me.

God said: I set before you life, or death… you choose. It is God’s hope that you choose life, but He will not interfere with your choice. It is Gods desire that not one man perish but instead that every man enjoy eternal life filled with blessings from Him.

I heard it said once that life is: That short period of time where you are given an opportunity to repent and choose God.

How true that is!

The root of all the battles we face today is the age old battle between good and evil and it is a battle for our very souls. God loves us dearly… the devil hates our guts and he wants us all dead. Simple, really.

Once God entered the picture in my life a lot of things changed for me. All my friends, my drinking buddies, would have nothing to do with me anymore. (except my buddy Kyle :)) My politics also went through a huge transformation and my political alliance swung completely to the other side.

I became a conservative, a Republican! I became what I previously despised and spent years fighting against as a young man.

Once I knew God’s unconditional love I could no longer align myself with any leader that would support abortion. The killing of the innocents. This was really the main reason I chose the Republican Party over the Democratic Party.

I have come to learn that men can be evil regardless of their “party” affiliation. The devil cannot do anything on this planet without a man to carry out his will. Sadly, many people have chosen to follow satan and their own evil, wicked heart. There have been men, and women, on both sides of the political spectrum who are more than willing to carry out the devils agenda. Why? Is it the promise of riches? Or the fulfillment of their lustful desires?

I don’t think I will ever understand how a person could choose evil… everyone makes mistakes… I am not talking about that. These people choose evil as a lifestyle and worship satan… sick. You can easily spot them… they are big on symbols. Like the upside-down cross, the pentagram, etc…

The Deep State has scored major victories towards the collapse of this country starting with the evil Bush administrations… both of them. I have learned that GWB, a man I once truly admired and defended, is pure evil… remember Iraq? The court date for 9/11 is set for January 2021… perhaps the truth of what happened that day will come to light.

Every administration since was bought and paid for (including main stream media, idols in Hollywood, judges, higher ups in FBI and CIA) and they had one objective: the collapse of this country.

The Obama years brought this country to the edge of destruction… They only needed four more years and they would of successfully brought this country to its knees begging for the UN to step in and rescue.

Then came a man named Donald Trump…

“They (the deep state) never thought she (Hilary) would lose!” Q

The election of Donald Trump threw a serious wrench into their plan.

Did you notice how he went from a beloved celebrity to a hated man overnight? Did you notice the hatred was coming from both sides of the isle? Have you asked yourself why he is hated, or have you simply bought into the narrative? Perhaps you believed what they told you to believe?

Hopefully, what you have witnessed these past few weeks during the pandemic, and shutdown, has convinced you that the main stream media cannot be trusted to report the truth.

Many in the main stream media are part of the Deep State, and this Deep State is desperate to have President Trump removed… at all cost. Even if it means making up things to charge him with. There have been 3 unsuccessful attempts to remove him from office. They are already planning their next attack where they will try to convince everyone that President Trump mishandled the response to the pandemic.

We need to call it what it is: 3 illegal coup attempts… 3 illegal attempts to over throw the President of the United States. The President the people have chosen.
I think he is hated because he is not part of their established “club”. He is not a satan worshiper which appears to be a prerequisite to be in their club. He has not been bought and paid for like many of them. He loves this country, the people in it, and he will fight to save it. He is the first president in the history of our country to “volunteer” and work without a salary. This should show you where his heart is.

He is fighting to save our country… along with men like General Flynn… who was also attacked, and framed with fake accusations… totally exonerated this week. The evidence that exonerates Flynn is the same evidence that will convict many others.

Now the Deep State is using this pandemic crisis… I think the origin of covid19 will soon be revealed and we will also learn that this was a “plandemic”… part of the strategy of the Deep State to bring down our nation and our President. Like I said before, they are desperate and will stop at nothing.

Their objective now is to drag out the pandemic until the November elections. Then the plan is to have mail-in-voting enforced so they can rig the elections. These people will stop at nothing.

You have to understand that these people do not love us, or our country. They hate us and want to see us destroyed. Satan is at the root of this evil and the people involved with the Deep State are very deep into the occult. Many of the people involved with the Deep State are very public, and vocal, about their religion, satanism.

If you don’t believe there is a God, or a devil, it doesn’t matter… these people do believe and worship satan. Watch the movie: Out of Shadows. It is a real eye opener. Prepare yourself and don’t watch it with children in the room.

I believe that many people are about to be enlightened about many things that have been done in darkness… many things that have been hidden from us are about to be exposed. You should sit down.

There are many things that the Deep State has tried to keep hidden from the public, like new technologies, energy devices, to medical cures. God says: “Come let us reason together” and I say to you: Come let us reason together. Big Pharma is raking in billions… Billions every year treating your diseases… do you really think they want a cure?

Take this one for example that President Trump tried to let everyone know about:

Chloroquine (CHQ) and Hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) are Effective Antivirals Against COVID-19… it is a proven cure for COVID-19. Proven! By many doctors, not just one. It was also approved by the FDA. Many people had their health restored after only a few hours.

Proof: Google doc

This treatment was banned by many states, and the main stream media tried to make Trump look like a fool for recommending it.

Why? Because there is no profit in a $12 cure, that is why!

They did the same when Trump recommend ultraviolet light therapy. Instead of investigating what could be a very promising method to inexpensively fight many different ailments they instead laughed at him and tried to make him look like a fool.

I admit he is not a polished speaker, like many of the politicians, but he is far from a fool.

Now the tables are turned. The DOJ is dealing out some old fashion justice. We will soon start seeing a lot of people get arrested. John Durham, The Punisher, is on the job.

Brace yourself…

People that perhaps you have loved, admired and respected, could be among the people going to jail. Many will be convicted of treason. Attempting to overthrow a President is a serious crime. Supporting that coup in any way is also a crime. When the media knowingly publishes lies to support a coup attempt, this is also a crime.

The Deep State is made up of criminals that fund their illegal activities through the sale of illegal drugs, and human trafficking. Many have committed crimes against children. Many are repeat sex offenders and child molesters. Remember Epstein? He spilled the beans. The truth will come to light and all involved will be exposed.

800,000 children go missing each and every year. That is just in the United States. I am certain many of these children are recovered, some are runaways, some are taken by their own parents, but the majority of these children simply disappear.

The crimes committed against these innocent children are beyond evil. These people that commit these crimes are sick… the things they do to these children make the devil cringe. Many people that know the truth no longer sleep at night… but everything done in the dark will be exposed. God is turning on the lights!

Ephesians 5:11 “Take no part in the worthless deeds of evil and darkness; instead, expose them.”

While most of America, and the world have been safely hunkered down at home the US Military Intelligence, under the direction of President Trump, has been busy busting up drug runners and human traffickers… crippling the Deep State by removing their main source of income.

The Treasury Department has taken control of the Federal Reserve… This is huge.

Link: News Release

This opens the door for our country to return to the Gold Standard. It will set us free from the bondage of the World Banks and Federal Reserve Bank.

Trump has launched a major offensive to take down drug dealers once and for all. The U.S. military has sent naval ships and aircraft to the Caribbean toward Venezuela as part of an enhanced counter narcotics operation. Tunnels, human trafficking, and drug trade over, and under, our borders has practically come to a standstill. Hundreds of the Mexican Drug Cartel and Venezuela Kingpins have been arrested, or indicted. Project Python alone resulted in 600 arrest nationwide, 350 indictments, of big time dealers and “significant seizures of money and drugs”.

Since Trump took office there has been a significant increase in arrest and convictions of human traffickers. 2,614 arrest have been made so far. The southern border is now closed to all bad guys. The easy days of trafficking children are over. The days of open borders are done. There is a new Sheriff in town!

The DOJ has been very, very busy! AG Barr has issued 163,469 sealed indictments, 18,921 unsealed, and 391,872 non-sealed indictments. Bad people are going to jail.

12,275 CEO’s and other corporate leaders have resigned, or stepped down in the last 3 years… many to avoid prosecution. Perhaps they could see what is coming?

Did you really think someone could attempt to over throw the government of the United States and get away with it? Heads are going to roll… the Deep State is on the run with nowhere to go.

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