Are we being duped by the CDC?

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Are we being duped?

CDC now says, as of 4/16, after they separated influenza and pneumonia from the original counts they released, there was only about 11,000 deaths from Covid19… why are we still on lockdown? Why is the main stream media continuing to spread the fear?

After removing all the deaths that were labeled as Covid, but were actually something else, this brings the mortality rate down to about .1% and if that number sounds familiar it is because this is the mortality rate of the common flu… let that sink in.

Now consider that this only includes the people that have been tested… as you test more people it drives this mortality rate down even further…

Here is a copy of the CDC report:

You can download a copy of this CDC report here:


I am aware of the CDC “lag time” but stop using that as an excuse for these numbers. They have separated out other illnesses that were the actual causes of death and now the mortality rate is half… it is a scam.

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